Thank you for voting, this is your new Student Union!


Rikza Shahid [Law]

I believe I can be the voice of students that attend the college and it requires a very responsible and mature person.  I am well determined, resilient, confident and enthusiastic.

Vice President

Christina Ngumba [Business with Enterprise]

I believe that if I became the vice president, I’d      make it my responsibility and duty for both      students and staff to have the best experience     

in college and I’d create new ideas to improve      the college as a whole.’     

Marketing & Events Planning Officer

Nusrat Luvna [ESOL]

I would love to help the college with this role. If anybody has a problem they can come to me and I am ready to help them.  I will also do my best to do the job.’

Financial Officer 

Michelle Zaka Monday [ESOL]

This role will make a significant difference     

and be meaningful for everyone due to the      contributions I can provide. Confidence due to      my personality, projects due to my      

planification and good results due to my hard       work and teamwork skills.’      

Inclusion & Equalities Officer 

Sonia Eghosa Uwuigbe Odigie [Business & ESOL]

I am honest, trustworthy and a hardworking person. Honest because I always tell the truth regardless of the situation, trustworthy because trust is a very important value in my life and hardworking because I do not give up.

Student Governor FE

Hammad Ali Kayani [Digital Production Design & Development]

I have the ability to make strong decisions,     critical thinking and be an example for other      students. I am a responsible student, I will      uphold the duties and never take any action      that will bring myself or any member in      ignominy.’     

Student Governor HE

Mohammed Ismail Hussain [Computing]

‘I’m a highly motivated person that works hard in any circumstances that comes my way. My work with various organisations has improved my communication skills and given me more confidence to meet new people and learn new things.’