Personal Development+

Get Involved

Adam Farrell

Meet the team

The Personal Development Team consists of Adam Farrell and Jack Wynn. They can be found in the Student Hub where you can go and find out about any activities that you can get involved in while you are at college. If you want to find out any information about the personal development plus programme, please email us –

Jack Wynn

Session Times

Lunchtime activites in the Student Hub:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 12-1pm 

Wednesday - 12-4

Table Tennis and Pool

PD+ Sports

Netball 12-1

Girls Football 12 -1 Small Futsal

Badminton 1-2

Cricket 2-3

Futsal 3-4

Basketball MONDAY nights 5-6



Street Dance

Student Gym  – Wednesday 2-6 , Thursday 12-4

Club Street – 2nd Floor of C BUILDING 

DnD 12-4 (location TBC)

LGTBQ+ 12-1

Driving Theory – 12-1

Chess Club – 12-1

Environmental Club – 1-2

Sign Language 1-2

Craft Club - 1-3

Young Carers Club

Diabetes Club

Volunteering Club

Music/Band Club

Scale Modelling Club