Cycling to College

As part of the College’s sustainability programme it has been working with Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to provide College staff and learners the opportunity to cycle to the College.

As part of the scheme the College has provided:

Cycle storage in two cycle shed enclosures (one for staff, one for learners) - Free of charge.

The cycle shed enclosure is located on the main path next to Building A.

The staff cycle shed enclosure is located outside G block.

Access to the cycle shed enclosures is by swipe card access - learners should register their interest in using this facility with Student Services so that access can be provided.

There are an additional five visitor cycle stands at reception.

There are separate student showers in G block (Four male, four female).

Cycles can access the main site steps running adjacent to reception and A Building by using the installed wheel troughs

There are overhead storage lockers available you are expected to provide your own padlock.

Conditions of Use:

All service users both staff and learners are expected to use the facilities responsibly and respectfully.

The College will not be held responsible for any theft/damages – owners leave their cycles at their own risk.

Anyone who is found abusing the facilities or the provided service will have their access removed.

It is recommended that persons using the cycle facilities use two types of locking mechanisms to minimise the risk of theft.